What We Offer

St Bede’s Childminding Agency is currently recruiting for both new and existing childminders to join the agency and everyone can be assured of receiving quality support through our qualified agency managers.

We are offering training around the role of a childminder, running a business from home and all areas surrounding the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). We can offer varying degrees of support depending on your experiences with children. Audits and quality visits will be carried out by the agency managers to allow you to develop and offer high levels of care to your children and families.

Our pick and mix style service and support package gives you the ultimate assurance to become part of a potential “Outstanding” agency!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much will it cost to join the agency?

As part of the childminder agency we can offer a wide range of services from EYFS training, Safeguarding, Behaviour management and support through finances, IT support and much more. This will provide you with crucial skills to run your own business from home with the added bonus of telephone support if needed to put your mind at ease. Please contact us for our prices.

What level of support will I receive as part of the agency?

This can depend on the level of support you feel you require. We can offer minimal support or extensive help surrounding specific areas of your business to ensure that you get the best out of the agency. Our packages are bespoke to your individual needs.

How is the agency different to me working alone?

Through the agency you will receive personal support from our agency managers who will be able to visit you at a small cost whenever you feel you need further support. Our agency will understand the needs of your children and family through our initial visits therefore you can feel at ease with our help and advice. This can be done through face to face audit visits, pre inspection advice and development and tracking support.

You will also not have the pressure of an Ofsted inspection as you will be audited by the agency managers on a frequent basis to ensure your standard of quality care is high. Your visit report will be will be published for your parents to view on the agency website to promote your business and your services.

Who will look after my children if I am unwell?

The benefit of working within the agency is continuity of care for the children and families our childminders care for. If you are too ill to work or for any reason are unable to take children into your home for the day or a short period of time, we will make every effort to provide alternative childcare for your children at a nursery venue close to your home. This is subject to places being available within the nursery.

If you would like to find out more about our Childminding services or would like to register yourself with our agency please click here.